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New products 1/48 WWII and modern Aircrafts

1/48 Wheels Light series F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet wheels F-4C/D/E/F Phantom II wheels F-111 Aardvark A/D/E/F wheels set Su-15 TM Wheels set Ligh Series 1/48 Ka-50, Ka-52 wheels and Weighted Tyres set YaK-52 wheels set Photoetched set: Metal landing Flaps for Fw.190 A/F/G Weapons: Set of two KAB-500L Laser Guided Bomb, resin, PE parts, decal […]

DISS type 1

New products in 1/72 scale – Heli line – Helicopters

Doppler velocity and drift sensor DISS 15 (Russian – ДИСС “DISS”) with SARPP module (The automatic registration of parameters of flight) for Mi-8/Mi-14/Mi-17 Helicopters Doppler velocity and drift sensor DIV-1 (Russian – ДИСС “DISS” ДИВ-1 “DIV-1″) for Mi-8T/Mi-17 Helicopters Doppler velocity and drift sensor DISS-15 (Russian – ДИСС “DISS”) inside in tail boom for Mi-8/Mi-14/Mi-17 […]

P-6 Catapult_1

New products 1/350, 1/200 scale – Kriegsmarine, IJN, English Royal NAVY and US NAVY

1/200 Fly-wheels 2,0 mm size type 3 German WWII Kriegsmarine paravane 8 pcs in a set 1/350 Cable reels English Royal Navy WWII IJN WWII Cable reels set German WWII Kriegsmarine 110 Cm Searchlight German WWII Kriegsmarine 154 Cm Searchlight set of 2 WWII US NAVY P-6 (Mk.6) Catapult WW2 USN life Rafts for battleships […]