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New figures 54 mm from resin and metal

New resin figures: Ex-Aesir craft figures Arabian assassin Landskneht Souvenir metall figures Napoleonic War series Hungarian Grenadier metall figure Hungarian Grenadier in assault Hungarian Grenadier in defence Hungarian Officer Hungarian wounded Grenadier Hungarian Fusilier Hungarian Grenadier bayonet fighting Hungarian Grenadier load a gun

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New products in 1/48 scale – Aircrafts and Helicopters

USSR / Russia modern Aircrafts and Helicopters Whels set for MiG-29 Soviet Russian fighter – No mask series The kit contains details to assemble two various main disks: 1. 4 holes on a disk – MiG-29 9.12, 9.13, UB 2. 6 holes on a disk – MiG-29 UBT, SMT, M2 (MiG-35) Soviet 5-tube launchers B-13L, […]