New sailors figures for USA & German ships – master model photos

New sailors figures for USA & German ships – master model photos

We want to show a photos of new coming set sof sailors in 1/350 & 1/200 scales – for American and German warships

1/350 scale should be released in the end of the 2012 year.
1/200 scale set – January of 2013.



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  2. Antonio Lima

    Good day,
    what time of the launch of Figures 1/200 American? I am eager to add my arizona 1/200. Greetings from Brazil.

  3. Chris2

    These figures are very good, behause they seem to be caught in lifelike situations!
    You show the figures of American Navy personnel.
    Would you please be so kind and show also photoes of the German Navy personnel (they must have other hats, the socalled Schiffchen), so i could start imagening where to position them on my 1:200 Bismarck built.
    Thank you in advance
    with best regards

  4. Mike

    The figures are still not available, unfortunately. Is there any estimated date for release?
    Patiently waiting in Israel.

  5. I cant wait to get this figures they look simple amazing!…so when are they gonna be available??!!!

  6. jrvjr

    I am also anxious to get the US 1/200 figures for my father as he is finishing up his destroyer model. When available?

  7. Antonio Guerra-Freire

    How do I go about ordering a set of your 1:200 U.S. Sailor figures?

  8. rob

    Hi Michael,
    When will the German 1:200 crew be ready?
    You announced them more then 16 months ago.
    Rgerads Rob

  9. Christopher

    Are the 1/200 us sailors done and can they be ordered? Thank you

  10. Bob Taylor

    Did these figures ever get into production? Did they make it to the USA? Would like to obtain the US Navy guys!

  11. Kym Knight

    Come on now, it’s 2015 already! How long does it take to release them?

  12. Henry

    With the release of 2or3 US 1\144 ships, Can we get some 1\144 US sailors and crew? Esp manning the weapons!

  13. CG

    Hi all ,
    im the owner of the Revell 1/144 Fletcher class and the Graupner 1/150 USS Missouri . What i need is some US sailors and crew for this ships . Hope that NS will release them .
    For my Graupner 1/150 Bismarck i have order the 1/144 Kriegsmarine figures , now there is life on the ship ;)

  14. I have been asking for some time now about 1/144th scale U.S. Navy crewmen. You posted a thing on them a few years ago, just about the time that Revell came out with its’ 1/144th Fletcher Class destroyer. Since that time there have been numerous other ships brought out in that scale.

    Surely there is a market waiting for these to come out. PLEASE bring these out! My ships and I’m sure many other builders are waiting to provide crews for their vessels.

    Thank you, and I’d appreciate some king of response from you, even if its’ no.

    Dave Pincus

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