Master-model of 1/200 US Navy & Kriegsmarine figures kits

Master-model of 1/200 US Navy & Kriegsmarine figures kits

Tonight I have upload a long awaiting work-in-progress pictures…

This is a master-model of 1/200



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  1. Master-model of 1/200 US Navy & Kriegsmarine figures kits
    I have been looking forward to the release of both of these kits, any idea when they will be available for purchase?

  2. I would like to purchase 3 (three) sets of each of the 1/200 US Navy figures. Can I buy them directly from you? If so, please quote price with shipping to Henderson, Nevada USA 89002 And specify how you would like to be paid (Paypal?),

    Thank you very much,

    Richard Vaughan

  3. Hi,
    the sailors look great. So much looking forward to purchase them. Any new info about when they will be available?
    best regards

  4. Warum ist dieser Artikel nicht lieferbar!

  5. Dear Northstar Team,

    I have the Trumpeter Bismarck ready for deployment and would like to add some life to the boat by using some of your designed crew sets. Your update is 2013, do you have any time in mind when those sets will be ready for order?
    Otherwise I have to take my chances somewhere else (and my money too)?

    Kind regards


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