REVI-16 replacement process is open

REVI-16 replacement process is open

As I wrote some months ago – our REVI-16 gunsights in 1/32 & 1/48 scale was oversized  by our designers error. After getting feedback about it we stop selling theirs,  recall these sets from partners and made a new, correct version of these kits.

For FREE replacing of your wrong sized REVI-16 which was bought before, please send email to with your name & shipping address, photo of your kit wanted for replacing and the name of seller who sells it to you. If it was bought from our store directly – please note this in email also.

We beg your pardon for this incident and still working for your models would get first-class aftermarket items.

Please note that 1/72 REVI-16 is not affected by size error, only big scales affected – 1/32 & 1/48.

Sincerely yours, NorthStarModels team




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