Post Delays, tracking of orders – current status

Post Delays, tracking of orders – current status

In connection with the current situation in the Post of Ukraine, after the virus attack of June 26-27, almost all parcels are processed manually, without the use of electronic tracking.

This also affected the parcels sent earlier, but were at various processing levels in the post offices during  this period (15 June – 20 July), we sent more than 350 parcels to our customers, and we can not physically track their fate.

According to the rules of the postal Union, the parcel is considered lost after 60 days, but we can initiate the investigation (Rescue Case)  30 days after the dispatch (or in case of not detecting the parcel on the postal tracking sites).

If your package is delayed or you can not track it in the postal programs 30 days after the shipping, feel free to contact us. We will do our best to find it. This situation does not depend on us, but we will make every effort to affect the operation of postal services.

In any case no need to worrying about – we always keep safe the paper documents about shipping (up to 6 months after the shipping date).

Alexey Sulla, CEO of NorthStarModels LLC



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