NorthStarModels: Partners store launched

NorthStarModels: Partners store launched

As you know, NorthStarModels LLC has long been selling various products of our friends – such as Vector, Begemot, Combrig, Miniarm and others – on the eBay and Amazon market. Many times we were asked – why do not you put everything on

We believe that it is a bit wrong – to turn a site of one company into a common trading platform. Nevertheless – the issue of a separate store for our partners & friends was in the air, and we realized it.

Meet our new project NorthStarModels: Partners.

It’s available in 2 variants:

  1. as a separate project
  2. And as a separate tab on our main site

We hope that its range will increase and the number of satisfied customers will grow.

As a starting gift in honor of launching a new project – on the first order we offer a 10% discount on STORE_START coupon code (works only for NSM: Partners site, not for NSM main) – and it ends on 1 Sept, 2018

Just enter this code on the checkout page of NSM: Partners

Please note that orders are sent from Russia, all questions related to the NSM: Partners project should be written to .
Thank you for attention

Sincerely yours, Michael Neradkov,
Sales & Marketing Director of NorthStarModels LLC



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