Please check the line of typically asked questions answered below…

Where I could find the status of my order?

On your account page on the NorthStarModels. We recommend to register and buy as a REGISTERED user of NSM.

If you did not register please only email letters.

Also, our store is ALWAYS sending emails about your orders (shipping with track number, processing etc) . Should you not received it please also check your spam folder and reset your spam filter.

Where I could check the movements of my shipped package? and your local post service websites.

My package tracking number RFXXXXUA of the order XXX is not trackable in the postal website…

This question needs to be asked to your post service – not to us. It is not a rare thing, sadly.

Uploading of track numbers by postal services is occasionally being delayed or on occasions simply ignored. We are unable to control worldwide post services.

We always have all confirmation paper documents on your shipments and keep those saved up to 6 months.

When would my order arrive?

For an approximate arrival date just add at least 3-4 weeks (occasionally this could go up to 2-3 months) to SHIPPING time. An especially long time would be applied for long-haul overseas shipments to USA/Canada/Australia.

Please kindly refrain from approaching us with the shipment times question for at least 1 month after the shipment was made. It simply wastes our time which we rather spend packing and shipping more orders to you and your fellow modellers.

Why so loooong? I wish that it would have been delivered within 2 weeks.

Yes, it possible, but shipping prices of EMS/DHL are much higher. For instance, sending a 100 g packet will cost anything starting from €35,00. Compare that to a standard flat €10 (15) rate.

Please contact us about quicker & therefore more expensive shipment options.

Why it’s a parcel from Ukraine then?

Because we have 2 offices – in Latvia & Ukraine (warehouse). Pls check for the details here.
Some part of the order might be shipped from Russia as well.

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