We are creating a scale models, aftermarket sets and figures in full-cycle production – starting from 3D design, printing, post-processing of printed details, and produce resin (or white metal) castings, photo etching, etc.

If required – we could assemble and paint a kits.

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  1. rudy


    I saw your Exhaust nozzle for the su-27 in 1/48 scale !!!

    I’m working on a 1/32 su-30mkk and I wanted to use the pitzmodel exhaust model but they’re closed…

    Please make your own in 1/32…

    Best regards


      1. rudy

        Yes great !!! I want one….



  2. abbadur

    When will be the resin figure of Major Hans

  3. G?nter Novak

    Dear North Star Team,
    When will be the 1:200 scale figures “US Navy available?
    Thank you for your answer, regards G?nter

  4. Ulrich

    I`m searching for Sailor figures in scale 1:22,5 in any position at work. It is not necessary that they wear uniforms because it is on a civil sailing vessel (Alexander von Humboldt II) which is a training vessel for youth.
    Do you have any idea how to get those guys (and girls)?
    Best regards
    Uli from Germany

  5. David Taylor

    Dear NorthStarModels,

    I’d love to see a larger scale model of your Helghast Assault Trooper. Something like 1/12 or 1/6 scale! I love the detail on the 54mm (1/32) one I’ve just bought , but I want a bigger one :D

    David Taylor
    United Kingdom

  6. David Pincus

    I would like to know if you will soon be making 1/144 scale US Navy sailors. More and more model ships are coming out in that scale and it would be great to have them come alive with a “crew”.

    I have been looking and looking, everyone tells me you were working on these. Please let me know if you are. Thank you.

    Dave Pincus

  7. Patrick

    Any chance you might consider intake covers for 1/72 scale naval aircraft?
    A-7 Corsairs – ( Fujimi kits in particular )
    F/A-18 Hornets – (Hasegawa kits in particular )


  8. Chris2

    With the increasing number of 1/200 Ships the whishes increase to man these ships with sailors especially figures in working positions like the outstanding ones you offer for the 1/350 vessels. These are wonderful figures bringing “life” on the models of all the ships.

    Would you please inform me whether you will produce such figures also in 1/200 scale whithin the next twelve months.

    I hope you will fullfill my wish
    Best regards from Germany

  9. Gerard

    Dear sir

    Any chance you carry out some day a Maverick + LAU88/A Triple Launcher ?

    Furthermore I search for your NS72074-a1/72 McDonnel Douglas F-15 Eagle E/I/K wheels set and find it in …. Aircraft 1/48.

    Best regards


    1. Michael_XIII

      Hi, G?rard!

      Thank you, wheels moved to correct place

  10. Arne Greve

    Hello North Star Models,

    I have a question: how much cost the shipment to Germany?

    Best regards
    Arne Greve

  11. Axel Ringhandt

    Hi there in Riga,

    your “Lelik” is just wonderful and would be a perfect figure for a diorama I’m working on currently.
    Any chance of acquiring an unpainted copy?

    Thanks for your reply in advance.

    Axel from Heere in Germany

  12. davewy

    I was hoping you would produce 1/200 eyebolts and turnbuckles photo etch set. They would be a great addition to the 1/200 ship kits being produced today. I see you have produced a 1/350 set and it has sold out. Thank you.

  13. benzab

    On March 8, 2016, I ordered a set of US Navy set #2 in 1/350 scale. I received it today March 21 in South Carolina, USA. That is a job well done; thank you NorthStar!

    I will be ordering more 1/350 figures to populate an USS Hornet aircraft carrier. It would be really nice to have a set specifically for an aircraft carrier in this scale.

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