1/350 3D Printed Royal Navy Bridge equipment

9.72 $

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The parts include air-lookout sights, air-defense officer’s sights, binnacles, peloruses and voice pipes.

10 of the larger air-defense officer’s sights and 20 pedestals for the smaller air-lookout sights.

Tiny binoculars to complete the air-lookout sights, two binnacles, two peloruses and two setsof voice pipes.

Four of another style of air-defense officer’s sights and five more sets of voice pipes.

5 cats figures.

This is set can be used to add detail or replace kit parts for some larger Royal Navy ships like a cruiser or larger, as they would be fitted with the
larger air-defense officer’s sights. The smaller items would be suitable for smaller ships, like destroyers or frigates, as well as their larger counterparts.




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