1/6/300mm Fallout New Vegas Sniper resin figure

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This is kit for building a resin figure of famous  Fallout New Vegas Sniper (New California Republic) (Sci-Fi).

This miniature is near 300 mm tall (top of head) and 410 mm full size (from the bottom of the base to the top of the muzzle brake) – this is the classical size (1/6) for historical and fantasy miniatures.

One set included finely casted 17 details of grey and green resin.

Resin parts are separated from the sprues and prepared for assembly. When assembling, you may need to use putties to grout some joints. Details are glued only with cyanocrylate glue.

Base from resin.

This resin kit IS NOT painted. Assembling and painting skills required to finish it.




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