1/72 BGL-1000 French bomb (2 pcs in a set)


1/72 BGL-1000 French bomb (2 pcs in a set)


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Set of two BGL-1000 bombs. Resin parts.

The BGL bombs are the French counterpart to the American Paveway laser guided bombs. The semi-active BGLs home on reflected laser beam energy directed on the target. The target illumination can be done by the launching aircraft, by a third aircraft or by ground-based troops operating a laser designator.

The Laser Guided Bombs have reduced the number of weapons requested to destroy a single target while enhancing accuracy, reliability and cost-effectiveness in strike missions. The BGLs were combat-proven over Bosnia in 1994 and afterward in the Kosovo conflict in 1999.

The BGLs can be released at low and medium altitude at 10 km away from their targets providing an accuracy of a few meters. Usually the BGLs are released from the Mirage 2000 aircraft. More than 1,750 BGL bombs have been ordered for several countries. They can accommodate a general purpose warhead or a penetrator.




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