1/350 4 pcs of Royal Navy Quad 0.5(12.7 mm) Vickers MG, type 2 – guns down

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The quad Vickers .50 machine gun Mark III mount was a close-in anti-aircraft weapon that was used on many Royal Navy and allied ships. Vickers started  production of this gun in 1926 and initially saw some use in tanks and other fighting vehicles as a single mount. It wasn’t until the early 1930s that the quad Mark III mount began being fitted on British ships. The naval quad mount featured a 200-round magazine per barrel, which wrapped the ammunition belt around the  magazine drum, and provided a maximum rate of fire of 700 rounds per minute, per gun. However it soon proved to be insufficiently powerful in its intended short-range anti-aircraft role against modern all-metal aircraft. Eventually the .50 Vickers was replaced during World War II by the Oerlikon 20mm cannon.

Nonetheless, they were still produced in large numbers during the war with a total of 12,500 being built.

This is a resin, metal & photo etching detail set

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