1/48 Vickers 1919 y. 30 cal. Aircraft fixed Machine gun - 2pcs


1/48 Vickers 1919 y. 30 cal. Aircraft fixed Machine gun – 2pcs


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Resin and photoetched parts for assembly two Vickers 1919 y. 30 cal.



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  1. Eugene DuBey (verified owner)

    I just received the 1/48 scale Vickers model 19 set. I am extremely pleased with the quality of the resin and PE parts, probably the best guns I’ve ever seen, and for a good price. These will really enhance the Fairey Flycatcher I am starting on soon.
    I have three items which I hope you will make sometime.
    1. Marlin Aircraft machine-guns, for DH4’s and American SPAD XIII.
    2. LePrieuer rockets. There is possibility for great detail on these, correct square stabilizing rods, accurate penetration blades, Hollow launching tubes that rockets could be placed in, and ignition wires. There were also special sights for the rockets which allowed for aiming at ballons or dirigibles.
    3. German Oigee WWI reflector sights. This were installed on a few Fokker Dr.1 and on the DVII. They were very advanced for their time and look just like early WW2 reflector sights.

    Truly, Eugene DuBey

    Truly, Eugene DuBey

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