MassEffect MAKO M35 for 28mm figures – resin kit

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Full resin kit with decal.
50 grey resin parts
Decal from Begemot Co.
Model length of 118 mm. The model is created under the figure of 28 mm. Figures are not included in this kit

The M35 Mako is a ground-based vehicle used by Commander Shepard and Squad Members in ME. This vehicle is air-dropped from beneath the SSV Normandy SR-1. The Mako included a mass accelerator cannon and a machine gun, allowing the driver to fire upon enemies and destroy objects. The vehicle has thick, heavy-duty armor, capable of withstanding great amounts of damage, harsh conditions, and temperatures. The vehicle can be repaired while in use. The Mako has a great suspension system allowing it to move over very rough terrain. It also has a jet propulsion system allowing it to launch itself several lengths in the air.

Model length 118 mm



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