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Preorder Soviet Road roller D-211 in 1/43 scale at a discount – 16 USD only until July 10

First full plastic kit of road construction equipment in 1/43 – Soviet 10-ton Road roller
Kit contains:
plastic parts
photoetched parts
resin parts
decal from Begemot Co.
assembly instructions
Until July 10 Pre order at a discount – only 16 USD for model + shipping coast. Regular price after July 10 – 21.25 USD

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New 1/43 figures in catalog – Porsche, Ferrari, Girl with phone

Ferdinand Porsche painted figure

Enzo Ferrari painted figure

Resin unpainted figure Girl with phone kit – Hello, darling! I can not start the engine!

Girl with phone – Hello, darling! I can not start the engine! Resin painted figure

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1/43 figurine special for RC-forum – Semyon Gorbunkov from Soviet comedy Diamond Arm

The boss of a black market ring (known only as “The Chief”) wants to smuggle a batch of jewelry from Turkey into the Soviet Union by hiding it inside the orthopedic cast of a courier. The Chief sends a minor henchman named Gennadiy Kozodoyev (played by Mironov) to serve as the courier. Kozodoyev travels to Turkey via a tourist cruise ship. The Turkish co-conspirators do not know what the courier looks like; they only know that he is supposed to say a code word to identify himself. Due to a mix-up, they mistake Kozodoyev’s fellow passenger from the cruise ship, the “ordinary Soviet citizen” Semyon Gorbunkov (played by Nikulin) for the courier. They place a cast around his arm and put the contraband jewels inside the cast. Upon the cruise ship’s return to the Soviet Union, Gorbunkov lets the militsiya know what happened, and the militsiya captain, who is working undercover as a taxi driver, uses Gorbunkov as bait to catch the criminals. Most of the plot are various attempts of The Chief’s inept henchmen, Kozodoyev and Lyolik (played by Papanov), to lure Gorbunkov into a situation where they can quietly, without a wet job, remove the cast and reclaim the contraband jewels. In the meantime, Gorbunkov’s wife begins to suspect that he has either been recruited by foreign intelligence, or is having an affair…

Resin figures of Semen Gorbunkov special for RC-Forum
limited edition – 200 pcs only
Each figure have a metal certificate with a serial number.