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New 1/43 scale resin unpainted figures

For the numerous requests of our customers, we start selling our hanpainted figures in 1/43 scale in unassembled and unpainted form.

Cute Girl catches a taxi

Garage girl

Frau Lili

Frau Lili with cigarette holder

The White Stig

The Stig’s girlfriend

Tazio Nuvolari

Enzo Ferrari

Pretty boy

Ferdinand Porsche

Lady with Car Jack

Soviet GAI road police sergeant in winter uniform

Soviet GAI road police officer in winter uniform

Soviet Russian traffic police officer checking driving documents

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Fallout New Vegas Sniper coming soon – big scale figure

A figure taller than 210 mm now in progress!

Resin and metal parts, very beautiful box with a surprise and gift certificate for our project in 210 mm for Pre Order (will be open 9 June)

The figure will be available in two versions: unassembled and unpainted set and completely finished and painted by our studio.

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NEW 28 mm Mass Effect Game painted figures

Bad guys

28mm ME Cerberus Assault trooper painted figure

28 mm ME Cerberus Gunner painted figure

28 mm ME Cerberus Guardian painted figure

28mm ME Cerberus Turret painted model

28mm Painted Phantom figure

Shepard’s friends

28mm Garrus Vakarian/Chief Calibrating Officer painted figure

28mm EDI – Artificial Intelligence Girl Painted figure

28mm Kasumi Goto – Galaxy Thief Painted figure